Just a little message from me!

Hello Beech Class,

Another week is flying by and I have received lots of emails about what people have been up to! I was in school again yesterday with Key Worker Children and we created comic strips, made geometrical city scenes and completed a scavenger hunt outside! Maybe these are things you could do in your spare time?

Class update:

Rufus has been very active over the last week. For VE day you can see below Rufus was able to celebrate with different types of cakes (yum), enjoying the sun with family and even wearing some medals. It must have been a lovely day for you!
He has also put a lot of effort into writing his own story titled ‘Bob the Lizard’. Rufus even went on to edit his story 4 times before he was happy with it, what an excellent amount of effort Rufus! If you wish to hear Rufus’ story, follow this link to hear him read it (it’s very good): https://youtu.be/O5GnOklezfM

Family time in the sun!

Tarah has been getting on with home learning this week. As you can see below she has worked hard to create this fact file about her made up animal! She has even gone as far to create the animal through images – well done! Tarah has considered lots of different aspects of this animal which make it unique and it sounds very interesting!

Jack has also been getting on with home learning. He has taken on the task of creating a Viking wanted poster and I love some of the details he has included – especially the ‘Danger Meter’! He also has completed the sound map activity in a very peaceful-looking setting. Jack was even lucky enough to hear a ‘cuckoo’! Super work Jack.

Zuri has been very busy as well. She has been continuing her home learning and has also been challenged with some excellent DT projects. Below you can see that she has carefully followed instructions to create a marble run and music box made from timber!
She has also taken up sewing as a new skill and the result looks amazing! Furthermore, she has been making dens, experimenting through making crystals and baking banana bread! What great skills you must be acquiring, well done!

Wow! Well done to you all and it looks like you’re having a good time.

Once again, keep safe and look after yourselves,
Miss Leete

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VE day

Dear Beech Class,

I hope you are all keeping well and staying positive about the lock down. You are doing a great job, keep it up!

As I am sure you are aware last Friday was VE (Victory in Europe) day. Hopefully you were able to complete some of the suggested English work and learned a lot from it. Perhaps you were able to celebrate it in some way at home? For example, making bunting or having a cup of tea and cake in honour of the day (yum)!

Class update:

Chloe H was very interested in the VE day topic and the English tasks last week. She was lucky enough to receive a letter from her 96-year-old neighbour who celebrated VE day in 1945:

Letter from Betty!

Chloe has also been completing her own VE day letters. Below you can see her letter that she wrote to a child celebrating VE day and continued to write a reply from the child! She must have thought about the difference in opinions and lifestyles between her and a child at that time. What an excellent idea Chloe! Below you can also see Chloe’s excellent Viking wanted poster! She has used some of our super writing features to describe the Viking and a monster! Well done Chloe!

Toby has also been busy at home keeping up with his reading! Below you can see him reading ‘Diary of a wimpy kid’ which he has been enjoying. Reading is so important and can be so entertaining, especially during this time spent at home. Well done Toby, I am very impressed with you continuing to read as it helps us progress in our understanding of writing skills and new vocabulary!

Toby Reading!

Thank you both for sending over what you have been doing at home.
I hope that everyone is continuing to learn at home and staying safe. Keep motivated Beech class, I believe in you all!

Best wishes,
Miss Leete

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You’ve got this!

Hello Beech class,

Another sunny day, aren’t you lucky! I hope you have had the chance to enjoy it.

I have had some lovely conversations with parents again today and it’s excellent to hear that you are getting on so well at home. Just remember to take things at your own pace and when you get stuck think about the different ways you can over come those barriers.

I have learned that some of you feel frustrated about what to write when doing some of the English work… that’s okay! You are all amazing and be confident in what you write down. If you write something and you don’t like it what could you do?

Evaluate and edit! We can always strive to improve our work and remember we did a lot of work on editing our writing. Here is a link to the website which may support you in editing: https://tompalmer.co.uk/writing-tips/ If you watch ‘Video 3 – How to edit a short piece of writing’ this is what we watched as a class.

Class update:

Zac has taken up a new skill! He has been learning how to do some brick laying at home. I imagine this must have taken a lot of patience and a careful hand. He has done an excellent job with this wall – anyone who needs a wall fixing you know who to call! Excellent job Zac!

Tarah has also been busy at home writing out her VE day diary entry. This day is an important part of our history and I think Tarah has really captured the thoughts and feelings of a child at that time. Well done Tarah!

Super work! It’s lovely to hear what you have been up to.

Keep going with your home learning. It may seem frustrating or easy to get out of a routine but learning new things can be so exciting and showing off your skills to your family is always great! Sadly, we do not know when school will re-open but for now remember you are doing your best and doing what you can. Keep it up and keep me updated!

Best wishes,
Miss Leete

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Hello Beech class,

We’re already in May! Isn’t that crazy? Hopefully you are all still keeping busy and finding home learning okay. Remember to keep going with the work and have a growth mindset when facing problems! Just remember…

Just because you feel like something is impossible it doesn’t mean it is!

A class update:

Kieran has sent me some photos of his ‘Classroom at home’ and it looks brilliant as you can see below! He has also been busy making pizzas from scratch (even the dough) which look very yummy. Kieran is also keeping busy making puzzles with his Mum! Thank you Kieran and well done!

Zuri has been very busy as well. She has been completing an English writing task and expanding her Maths understanding too as you can see below. Zuri has also been in the kitchen making ANZAC (Australian and New Zealand Army Corps) Biscuits which look very tasty! During Easter Zuri painted eggs and kindly left them out for people to take home, I am sure many people appreciated this. She has also been very creative making a Go Kart and Tee-Pees with her sister! Super work Zuri!

How lovely to hear and see what you have been doing at home. My tomato and courgette plants have grown so quickly over the last few weeks and I am excited to see some tomatoes pop through (although this will take a while)!
You may know how much I love to bake and today I have made a brownie but unfortunately someone got their hands on it before I could try it…

“It wasn’t me!”

Best wishes Beech class – Keep up the hard work you are doing so well,
Miss Leete

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Rainy days

Good afternoon Beech class,

I hope you are all well. What a turn the weather has made! Even though it is not as bright and sunny, I hope you have found lots of different activities to do as well as home learning.

Riko has been busy catching up on some reading. He wanted to know the end of Kensuke’s Kingdom!


Yesterday I was back in school with key worker children, we had a pirate themed day where the children made their own treasure maps! It was a lovely day but I missed seeing you all in our classroom.

I have received more class updates to share with you all:

Jack has been very busy the last couple of weeks. He has been making bread with his brother, playing with kinetic sand and worked on a new hairstyle! Jack also made a 6m long daisy chain (that must have taken a while!), practised his French and tried out some photography. Well done Jack, you have been very creative!

Rufus has also shared some fantastic French work. He has drawn different French cars; a police car and a super car!! They look amazing and well thought through with all their detail. It’s great to see he has been expanding his French vocabulary as well. Super work Rufus!

I have also received an amazing story from Archie. He has put a lot of thought into what he has written and produced a super story filled with detail. Archie has also been able to use many of our excellent writing features such as fronted adverbials and expanded noun phrases. Well done Archie, you must have worked hard!

I hope you have enjoyed an update from your classmates. Continue to email me the wonderful things you are doing at home.

Stay safe,
Miss Leete

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Good afternoon Beech class,

I hope you are all well and keeping safe. It has been a long time since we have all seen each other but I know how well you’re all doing at home. You are all superstars!

Unfortunately, this week’s weather forecast does not look very sunny so you may find you’re inside more. There is lots of things you can do at home when you’re not busy with home learning:

  1. Reading books
  2. Board games
  3. Jigsaws
  4. Baking or Cooking with someone at home
  5. Dance parties
  6. Science experiments
  7. Make a scavenger hunt or find one online to complete in the house
  8. Tidying your bedroom

Class Update:

Emily has sent some lovely pictures of what she has been doing at home during this time. She has been growing her own cress heads named Cresstopher and Hairmily! Emily also had fun building her own hot air balloon using paper-mâché. After making this she went on to use her Design and Technology skills to evaluate how it went and what she would improve if she were to make it again, super Emily!
Emily has also taken up photography during this time. Below you can see some of her ‘still life’ images. They look amazing and as if they had been taken by a professional! Well done Emily.

Still Life Wall-E
Still Life Wall-E

Continue to keep up this amazing work and creativity Beech! I’m so proud of you all for committing to home learning and teaching yourselves new skills.
Well done everyone!

Miss Leete

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Saturday Sunshine

Happy Weekend Beech Class,

I hope you get the chance to enjoy this lovely weather.

Riko has been busy in the garden again! He found some more sunglasses to try out and still can’t decide which suit him best…

I have also received lots of lovely class updates since my last post!

Zuri has been very busy at home completing home learning in her ‘Outdoor Classroom’ and creating lovely drawings such as the one below. I also learnt that she has been practising Spanish by speaking to family members! Well done Zuri!

Chloe has been busy at home creating amazing pieces of art from the work on Education City! Below you can see her lovely piece made up of quadrilaterals, super work Chloe! It’s fun to combine our Mathematical and Artistic skills.

Chloe H’s Quadrilaterals

Joseph has shared his design of a Business poster which looks amazing! He has used lots of persuasive techniques to advertise his shop and cafe! Excellent work Joseph, I’m sure lots of people would love to go here and enjoy the games!

Joseph’s poster

Thank you all for sharing these wonderful pieces of work!

This weekend I am going to have a relax and do some reading in the garden!
I hope you are all well and are keeping positive.

Miss Leete

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Home Activities

Hello Beech Class!

I had a lovely day yesterday catching up with some parents about how you’re all getting on at home. I was happy to hear that everyone is doing well and embracing this new way of learning! If I did not get to speak to anyone yesterday there will be more opportunities for phone calls in the future.

I have received many emails showing and explaining what you have been up to recently and I am very impressed with what I have seen and heard. I find it strange working from home, I’m sure that you do too!

A class update:

Chloe has been very busy! Just before Easter she was baking some yummy looking brownies and eggcellently painted an egg! Wow Chloe well done!

Wild Things!!!

Part of the home learning pack suggested making a mask inspired by ‘Where the Wild Things Are’ and it’s great to see people taking this on and embracing their wild side! Not only have I had pictures of masks sent but descriptions too, I am happy to see people expanding their vocabulary at home. Super work!

Other news…

When I was in school yesterday I picked up Riko and have taken him home to be looked after. I know how much you all care about him and would want an update.

As you can see he has been very busy already! I’ll continue to update you on Riko. He’s already having trouble picking which sunglasses to wear…

Keep safe everyone and I look forward to hearing from you all!

Miss Leete (and Riko)

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Motivation Monday

Good afternoon Beech Class,

It’s been a whole week since I last blogged so I apologize if you have been logging in and not finding anything! Last week I became busy building up your next Home Learning pack with the Year 4 team which went out today. If you have any questions regarding the tasks feel free to email me them!

I have been thinking a lot today about motivation. It has been just over 4 weeks since school finished and I imagine that getting into ‘school mode’ might be a difficult task! Working at home could lead to distractions but putting your mind into some school work will keep you busy and hopefully you will enjoy it!

Remember to take your time and do what you can!

Here are some inspiring quotes about why learning is so important:

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” – Nelson Mandela
“The important thing is not to stop questioning.” – Albert Einstein
“The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.” – Dr.  Seuss
“Try to learn something about everything and everything about something.” – Thomas H. Huxley

Perhaps you could come up with some inspiring quotes about learning and send them to me to motivate each other to continue learning? Whenever we get back to school we could even put them up in the classroom!

There are lots of ways you can keep motivated during this time:
1. Set goals – What are you going to achieve today? Perhaps you could review these goals at the end of the day as well.
2. Make plans – How will you achieve your goals? What tasks are you going to complete today?
3. Celebrate your achievements – Maybe you can reward your efforts with something you enjoy doing!
4. Have ‘Brain Breaks’ – Take your time and look after your mind. This is always important, take time to just breathe and relax! You might need some time to reflect on what you have done or think about what you are looking forward to.
5. Remain positive – You are all superstars and are doing such a good job being at home! Well done to you all for being so resilient.

I hope these ideas may inspire you or help you think about what you want to be doing. Don’t put all the pressure on yourselves and speak to whoever is at home about anything that might be worrying you! Look after yourselves and try to keep motivated to learn! Anything new you learn email me, I love to learn new things!! Continue to share your projects as well.

Keep safe and I look forward to hearing from you,

Miss Leete

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Hello Beech Class!

I hope you had a lovely weekend and Happy Easter to those of you who may have celebrated!

Charlotte wanted to share a lovely message for you all:

Such a lovely drawing that is so bright and colourful! Thank you very much and I’m sure it is appreciated by the whole class.

I am sure that many of you had Easter plans or traditions that could take place this year. It may seem strange and perhaps even quite annoying but it hopefully means that next year Easter will be even more special.

On Easter Sunday I spent the day playing lots of old board games and even played badminton in the garden! It was great to spend time doing things I haven’t done for a while. I wonder if you’ve been playing any board games or outdoor games? If not maybe it’s something you could aim to do over the next week but you may need a family member to join you!


Enjoy the next week and keep me updated!

Miss Leete

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