Vikings and Romans

Hello Beech Class!

I hope that you are all okay and keeping positive. If there are times that you are perhaps feeling frustrated or upset, try and talk to someone about it. Bottling our feelings in doesn’t support our well being and talking things through can sometimes help us feel better.

Class update:

I have been sent some more Viking Longboats and they look super! I can see that people are taking their time and care making these and should be proud of the result. Well done!

Chloe has also sent in a fantastic Roman Numeral poster which explains what they are and how they work! She has even been able to put in her birth date – Super effort and poster Chloe!

I know the weather is not looking too fabulous but I have faith you will find something fun to do inside!

I look forward to seeing what you are all up to next!

Miss Leete

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  1. Emily Ring [cheesesniff] says:

    Well done Chloe.I love your poster.

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