Good afternoon Beech Class! I hope you are all well and keeping safe, especially in this lovely weather. This week continues to look sunny so please remember your sun cream and hats if you are spending lots of time outside!

Over the weekend I finished the dinosaur toy I was crocheting although I think it may looks more like a dragon…

I also found my old paddling pool to dip my feet into when it gets too hot. My family think I am going slightly mad however with the addition of Winston the Flamingo floating on top! Riko has certainly been enjoying it!

Kieran has shared some exciting things he has been doing at home. When completing the Maths home learning last week, Kieran explained that he used a lot of resilience which is excellent to hear! It’s always a great feeling when you have achieved something that you found tricky at first. It was also his birthday last week and he was given a treasure hunt to find one of his presents which sounds very exciting! Finally, he has been helping his Mum to complete a 1000 piece Disney puzzle! Wow, this is super Kieran!!

Anything you wish to share as well this week continue to send things over. It’s great to see you are all doing well.

Enjoy the weather,
Miss Leete

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  1. Emily Ring [cheesesniff] says:

    cool dino/dragon!happy birthday Kieran

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