Good afternoon Beech class,

Once again we have had a lovely sunny day and I hope you were able to enjoy it in some way. Make sure to stay safe in the sunshine as well though!

Yesterday it was lovely to hear from some of you and catch up with parents about how you are getting on at home. I am still so impressed with you getting on so well with home learning so keep it up!

I thought I would share with you my next crochet ‘adventure’. I am making a dinosaur toy for another member of my family and have to say it has been more successful so far compared to my blankets. The first 2 blankets I crocheted did NOT go well but I feel I was resilient and the third went much better and I am happy with the result!

The dinosaur body!

I wonder if any of you have been resilient in anything recently? You could even leave a comment below!

Have a lovely evening,

Miss Leete

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