Just a little message from me!

Hello Beech Class,

Another week is flying by and I have received lots of emails about what people have been up to! I was in school again yesterday with Key Worker Children and we created comic strips, made geometrical city scenes and completed a scavenger hunt outside! Maybe these are things you could do in your spare time?

Class update:

Rufus has been very active over the last week. For VE day you can see below Rufus was able to celebrate with different types of cakes (yum), enjoying the sun with family and even wearing some medals. It must have been a lovely day for you!
He has also put a lot of effort into writing his own story titled ‘Bob the Lizard’. Rufus even went on to edit his story 4 times before he was happy with it, what an excellent amount of effort Rufus! If you wish to hear Rufus’ story, follow this link to hear him read it (it’s very good): https://youtu.be/O5GnOklezfM

Family time in the sun!

Tarah has been getting on with home learning this week. As you can see below she has worked hard to create this fact file about her made up animal! She has even gone as far to create the animal through images – well done! Tarah has considered lots of different aspects of this animal which make it unique and it sounds very interesting!

Jack has also been getting on with home learning. He has taken on the task of creating a Viking wanted poster and I love some of the details he has included – especially the ‘Danger Meter’! He also has completed the sound map activity in a very peaceful-looking setting. Jack was even lucky enough to hear a ‘cuckoo’! Super work Jack.

Zuri has been very busy as well. She has been continuing her home learning and has also been challenged with some excellent DT projects. Below you can see that she has carefully followed instructions to create a marble run and music box made from timber!
She has also taken up sewing as a new skill and the result looks amazing! Furthermore, she has been making dens, experimenting through making crystals and baking banana bread! What great skills you must be acquiring, well done!

Wow! Well done to you all and it looks like you’re having a good time.

Once again, keep safe and look after yourselves,
Miss Leete

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