Harvest Festival

Our Harvest Festival was based on the theme of harvest in Africa due to our links with Kafuro School in Uganda.  Class LC were looking at the Yam Harvest Festival in West Africa.

Here is a picture of some yams so you can see what they look like.  They are related to the sweet potato.

Each class had a box that was decorated with what the class was doing.  Ours was covered in pictures of yams, the yam festival and Mabella.

All the boxes were put together…..

…and when they were turned round, there was a map of Africa!  Very clever and effective.

Our Harvest Festival happened in St Mary’s church where we remembered that we should be thankful to God for all He gives us.

Class LC told the school about the Yam Harvest Festival and the story of Mabella the Clever which is a popular Limba folktale told after the festivities.  Here is a picture of the narrators and actors in their costumes.

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  1. hannah murray says:

    Im mabella the clever in the harvest festival

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